Ingots FinTech

Financial Technology

  • RWC has invested in Ingots Technology, One-Of-Its-Kind platform for option trading with interest rate return in crypto currency, based out of Asia's hottest financial hub, Hong Kong, SAR.
  • The platform is in it is startup stage and RWC plans to scale the platform regionally into the booming markets of Asia.
  • The 1st country to take center-stage is Malaysia (in January), followed by Vietnam (in June) and subsequently Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia to follow suit.
DD Pocket

Pocket FinTech

Financial Technology

  • With a massive potential of 36% of the total population in Malaysia, DDP Credit Rating embodies the essence of the company product offering. Using a combination of artificial intelligence and algorithms, DDP Credit Rating determines qualitative scoring measurements for 'undocumented' / 'unbankable' market offering individuals never-before opportunity on short term loans, investments, and other financial products and services.
  • DD Pocket Blockchain Financing - DDP Blockchain is developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and consolidating the entire spectrum of financial services available at the tip of your fingers. Partnering with some of the regions established organization, DDP Blockchain seeks to revolutionize banking and making it available all in your mobile.
  • DD Pocket Sales Management - Equipped with its state-of-the-art CRM platforms and networks, DDP Sales Management assist innovative tech and software companies extend their reach into Asia Pacific by providing expert, sales outsourcing services.
Seido Solutions

Seido Solutions Sdn Bhd

Energy IOT & Facility Management

  • SEIDO Solutions, a certified company by Energy Commission, is an established Energy & Facility Management in Kuala Lumpur operating throughout Peninsular Malaysia.
  • It operates under, what has been coined as Sustainable Facility Management model, by introducing Energy Performance Contract to generate a recurring revenue model; as it boast F&B, banking, and the aviation sector among its clients.

Start-Up Incubator

- RWC will seed capital to supercharge the potential startup with workshops, networks, and communal support.

- Our goal is to navigate you thru the unchartered terrain of startups and give you an unfair advantage!